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"After 15 years of very unsuccessfully attempting to meditate, Genevieve Tregor's MBSR class finally made it click for me. The way she presented the concept of mindfulness just made sense to me. Her humor, candor and deep understanding of the material made every week's session a treat. In particular, she brought a patience and compassion to the group discussions that made me feel safe and confident in terms of sharing personal things. 

MBSR was initially recommended to me to help process grief from some losses in my family. It was very helpful in coming to terms with some difficult feelings, but ended up helping in ways that were surprising. Since the first couple of weeks, I've noticed that I'm much more patient with my kids, more mindful at work, and much better able to deal with any physical aches and pains that arise.

It's not that mindfulness training has made life perfectly Zen, it's just that this work has opened my mind and heart to the possibility of being more present in all aspects of life, even if that means being more "present" to feelings of grief and sadness, I know that if I tune in fully, those feelings will pass more quickly.

I doubt this experience would have been so powerful for me with another teacher. I just trusted Genevieve on a gut level, from the very first moment of class, and it was that trust that enabled me to go into this process wholeheartedly. She has so much experience and knowledge about this work, and so much skill in working with others. If you are considering this, all I can say is don't wait. There's never going to be a "perfect" time, but there will be a perfect instructor, as least as far as I'm concerned. In all the right ways, she takes the work seriously, and in all the right ways, she doesn't take herself too seriously and that adds a level of lightness and fun that helps the medicine of meditating go down."


                                                                                                                             ~ Teresa Strasser, TV Host, ABC15


"The instructor - Genevieve - was the most effective I've encountered." 

                                                                                                                                   ~ David S.   Scottsdale, AZ

"I first contacted Genevieve after finding her training course online, having developed a problem with panic attacks while driving, following successful heart valve repair surgery in June 2017.  During the orientation session, I was pleased to find that she appeared to be a safe and skilled instructor, who also displayed a calming sense of compassion, and I looked forward to starting the program in earnest (anxiety will drive you to many things with a sense of urgency!). 


During each of the 8 sessions, as well as the wonderful all-day retreat, I firmly believed I was in a safe space and had both support and the ability to ask questions.  The classes do take commitment, to mainly do the practice, but also to read the included book, and both were fascinating and easy to stick with. 


During the process, I frequently felt a strong sense of relief, as well as periods of joy, and from here, developed more strength to begin looking at what was happening in my own mind.  This resulted in periods that did need my full engagement, and Genevieve made it easy for me to trust the process and keep going.  This has helped a gradual evolution from significantly less panic episodes, instead being replaced with periods of conscious awareness of fear.  From there, I can "breathe through" the fear, and am quickly developing more confidence each day.  When others in the field state that the only true way to be free from anxiety is to go through it, they are correct.  We all spend our lives typically trying to push away, banish or suppress anxiety and fear, and for some of us, this defense may break down at times in our lives. 


MBSR provides you with a life-changing foundation to learn a new path, which I truly believe leads to freedom.  In conclusion, I highly recommend the MBSR course taught by Genevieve.  She takes the time to explain things and ensure all students understand, and is gentle, kind and yet at the same time a strong person.  You will be safe in her hands!"

                                                                                                                                               ~ Randy Brazie, M.D.



"I want to thank you for this amazing class. You have done for me what countless psychologists

could not... I never would have guessed that I could feel this way."

                                                                                                                                                       ~ John P.   Mesa, AZ


"I signed up for the 8 week class on a whim. I knew I needed to do something to change my very stressful life, and this proved to be it! My friends thought I could not handle being still, mindful and committed to doing this, as I am always on the go and quick in everything I do, but I really enjoyed every class session. I now try to incorporate mindfulness and meditation in my everyday life, and I really feel that this has taught me to handle stress much better than I did before. Genevieve was great and I hope to take other classes from her in the future."


                                                                                                                                               ~ Ellinor E.    Gilbert, AZ

"As a practicing psychologist I have wanted to find the time to experience the 8 week
MBSR training so that I could refer my clients, with a base of personal experience and
knowledge. Even more so, I wanted to deepen my own practice, fully making a commitment of
my time and attention. I can say without hesitation that I am so very happy I did.

While I had practiced yoga and mediation for the last two decades, I was in want and
need of elevating my experience. I felt as though I was missing something but couldn’t put my
finger on it. It was difficult to maintain the practice for some reason. I realized midway
through the class that my striving for benefits was the achilles heel to my motivation. It is so
important to begin a mindfulness practice mindfully! As they say about golf, you should take
lessons before endeavoring as it is too easy to get into bad habits which become difficult to
break. Best to start out with a good foundation from which to build.

This is what MBSR did for me. It brought me back to basics and strengthened the core
that now feels unbreakable. I practiced exactly as Genevieve instructed and didn’t miss a
single day as I felt tremendously motivated and committed - admittedly, the contract she had
us sign was extremely effective. Practicing daily for two months, each week building upon the
one prior, was a perfect training in both habit and ability. I looked forward to it each day, the
quiet offering a centering not otherwise experienced in the routine of my day.

Additionally, prior to training I had a long time issue of insomnia, finding it difficult to fall
asleep and stay asleep. Sleep, at best, was a series of restless naps. Also, I felt stuck in
inertia, often too tired to exercise or stay active. Since the class, I sleep 8 full hours a night and
have a greater desire to care for and respect my body. I look forward to daily movement, be it
yoga, walking, getting outdoors to experience nature, as everything feels more alive. Life has
become more enjoyable and more meaningful.

At the end of the 8 weeks I felt truly sad to say goodbye to the class and to Genevieve,
although I expect I will be seeing them again at retreats or other meditation groups. I am
tremendously grateful for the safe learning environment that Genevieve created as well as her
obvious deep passion for the work. She emits the true intention of the practice and
incorporates her own experience in a way that enriches it spiritually. I am also appreciative of
the group’s openness and kindness which made each week a pleasure. For anyone
contemplating taking this class, don’t think twice, just do it. I wish I could make it a mandate
for all my clients. I am certainly recommending it to them with great enthusiasm."

                                                                                                               ~ Dr. Juli Giordano, Psy.D., LPC


"Genevieve Tregor’ s 8 week MBSR course was a remarkable experience for me.

I had been struggling more and more with the stress of daily life….at work and at home.   And these days, social media, texts, email and rapidly changing technology make it very difficult to keep up.

Over the years I’ve looked at many methods to cope with it all.   I’ve read many of the ‘self help’ books, but was never able to find a way to learn and PRACTICE something that worked for me.  Reading just did not provide a lasting solution.  And I always had a nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing it right (ie., meditation) which made it difficult to follow through.

Genevieve’s course changed that.  In a short period of time, I learned so much about effective meditation techniques, being more mindful of my surroundings, slowing things down (like eating), how to worry less and be more present.  

I chose her course because of Genevieve’s very strong credentials including her extensive background in Mindfulness training/teaching and years of experience in related fields.  The breadth and depth of her knowledge added so much more that I ever imagined….a true game changer."

                                                                                                              ~Eddie C.,   C.E.O. , Gorman Services, Inc.


"I am so grateful for what [Genevieve has] taught me to this point. The practice allows me to be present and enjoy each moment. [Her] gentle professional manner has revealed a new way of seeing my life."

                                                                                                                                       ~ Gayle Weiss   Scottsdale, AZ

"When I found this class, I was in search of ways to reduce stress.  I had a very stressful and demanding job, I was emotionally and physically exhausted and at my wits end. I was diagnosed with RA from prolonged stress, and was having chest pains from anxiety attacks. My doctor suggested I see a counselor.  So I went to see a counselor, who told me about the MBSR course and advised me to buy the book.  I started reading the book and tried to meditate on my own but found that lead to more questions within myself like "am I doing this right?" ...and "what am I supposed to be feeling"?  


So, I googled MBSR classes in Phoenix and found Geneveive's class and I truly think this class saved my life!   Geneveive was immediately inviting, caring and easy going.  Throughout the 8 week class, I was diligent with the daily mindfulness practices and homework.  I came to each class with more questions and Geneveive was so patient and kind.  The other students all had similar stories and the group became kind of a support group that I looked forward to attending each week!


The class was difficult in the sense that it made me take a deep look within myself and find my patterns of abusive self talk and feelings of low self worth.  But within that awareness, and through the daily practice and homework that was given each week, I continued just breathing and focusing on my breath and being mindful of what was going on within my own mind and body, I found that I was able to begin breaking the negative patterns!  


It has been several weeks since the class has ended and I still make time to practice the sitting meditation every day.  I have also made some really positive changes in my life, and firmly believe it was this class and the mindful meditation practices that helped me find the courage to make the changes.  I plan on taking the class again as a refresher and to continue on this awesome journey!  Thank you Genevieve!!!! ❤"

                                                                                                                                      ~Dawn Anderson   Mesa, AZ


"Each week in the MBSR course was a divine unfolding of loving kindness, self awareness, self compassion and golden silence. Coming together in community and sharing our experiences was powerful. Genevieve is the teacher and container of a safe, peaceful environment. Her instruction, knowledge and experience is worth the time, committment. I compared my course to a friend's (MBSR) course and I felt my experience was more enriched with added creativity and reflection but that's what you receive when you attend a course with Genevieve. Take the leap if you are thinking about it. It's worth the journey."

                                                                                                                                    ~Aileen Balizado    Tempe, AZ



"I came to the MBSR class for help to deal with some wounds that I've been carrying with me for a long time.  What's changed for me being in the class is that I realize I'm not broken, was never broken and I can start exactly where I am.  And that its up to me to make changes and I can. The class made me look more at myself and the reality of things around me. That everything I've been seeking is already inside of me- all I need to do is to have courage and go within. I feel more courageous now to look at fears than before I started the class and for me, this is huge. I felt into my body for the first time in a long time.  Being around others in such a loving and supportive environment made it very safe for me to express myself and not be judged. The material is organized and easy to follow. 


Genevieve practices what is taught. That's the difference. She not only teaches but lives it. She is patient, understanding, very kind, warm, gentle, motivating, encouraging and shares from the heart and knows the material inside and out. She explained things and always answered questions even though I may have asked them every week. I never felt like I shouldn't ask. She was always open to hearing what everyone had to say and listened attentively. She would point out things that I would never even have thought of. How I react, what I'm grasping onto, expectations, etc. 

She made me feel I belonged in the class, that it was okay to be me and share whatever I needed to.  I came to this class with a gavel in my hand, very frantic, and beating myself up and when I left, I didn't take the gavel with me. 


I highly recommend taking this class with Genevieve. I believe those taking this class with her will find it a gift, a true blessing. It was my honor to have her as my teacher for all these weeks."

                                                                                                                                              ~ Dori H.     Mesa, AZ


"I thoroughly enjoyed my MBSR experience with Genevieve! In just a few short weeks her skillful presentation of mindfulness practice enabled me to radically increase my felt sense of calm, clarity, and love – both during my meditation sessions and, perhaps much more importantly, in my daily life. My direct exposure to Genevieve’s embodied qualities of kindness, ease, and care inspired me to communicate more mindfully with my immediately family members. As a result, I forged new levels of connection and depth in my relationships with my sister and brother-in-law (which could not have come at a better time given the recent birth of my first niece! :) We’re now planning an epic family vacation together that would not have occurred without my participation in the MBSR course. I’m so much happier, healthier and more loving and relaxed now – I highly recommend her program to anyone desiring more peace and well-being in life!"


                                                                                                                             ~ Cameron  D.     Scottsdale, AZ



"The MBSR program was a valuable experience. Taking the course has changed the way that I look at the struggles in my life and given me some tools to approach new conflicts as they arise. Genevieve's guidance was always thoughtful, caring and insightful. I will continue to apply her teachings for many years to come."

                                                                                                                    ~ Jennifer P., Teacher      Scottsdale, AZ  


"I suffered from chronic pain for the last 12 years… I was emotionally and physically exhausted and had a toxic marriage...  

In my search for ways to decrease chronic pain without medication I found Genevieve’s MBSR class. The group was an extremely warm and inviting gathering of people… everyone brought something to the discussions.  There were a wide variety of people including a physician, a chaplain, people dealing with health issues (like myself,) and those who just wanted to reduce stress and anxiety in their everyday life. Genevieve really explained how the meditation gives us the ability to look inside ourselves… she was more than happy to answer all our questions and help us through our meditation challenges…

The most profound part of the class and practice for me was that I could decrease my pain medications by half. Not only was my pain less, I was also able to see how toxic my marriage had become. I have continued the practice even a year after I took the class. I have been able to move on from my toxic marriage, maintain my pain medication reduction and to have more calm and peace in my life. I won’t say the work (practice) is easy every day, but it has been so worth it for me.

This class, practice and Genevieve were the catalyst for so many wonderful changes in my life. It was truly a life changing experience for me.” 


                                                                                                                                 ~Hillary F.       Scottsdale, AZ

"The MBSR program offered me invaluable tools in coping with the stress and pain of dealing with serious health issues. Genevieve provided a safe and supportive environment. She is so knowledgeable, sincere and caring with a beautiful heart. I highly recommend taking this program with Genevieve as the facilitator."

                                                                                                                                         ~ Elizabeth B.     Mesa, AZ


"I have been meditating with Genevieve for almost 3 years and it has changed my life.  I started out reading on my own and then ordered tapes to help me but was not making much progress on my own.   I tried other meditation approaches but found something was lacking.   It was the commitment of the teacher.  The depth of experience that Genevieve offers made the difference for me.”

                                                                                                                   ~ Roger Beguiristain        Scottsdale, AZ

"I had the opportunity to work with Genevieve and walked away from our eight week session with a number of new tools to cope with the stress of everyday living. Genevieve was a great source of information on mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction, yoga, qi gong and a number of other practices that have served me well. She is thoughtful, patient and kind and models what she teaches. I am a clinical therapist with a specialty in addiction, trauma and bereavement and find that this program can be very helpful in supporting the recovery process. I recommend this program to anyone challenged physically, socially and/or spiritually. Cheers to Genevieve!"


                                                                                  ~  Suzanne Berndt Williams MC, LAC, MHSA    Phoenix, AZ



Individual Coaching:


"Genevieve has been wonderful to work with, she and I focused specifically on stresses related to my professional life, and she helped guide me in defining my own needs and developing tools to simply and effectively set professional boundaries. Working together with Genevieve helped me train both my mind and my body to overcome professional obstacles.  This process continues to guide so many other facets of my life – and the happy result is that it has benefited my personal relationships too."

                                                                  ~ Andrea Crawford,  Independent Grant Writer   San Francisco, CA



“Working with Genevieve opened up a 'new frontier' in my thinking about what was possible in my life, and started me down a path to creating this new reality. She is insightful and thoughtful, and brings a wide range of training and experience to her coaching that I really value." 


                                                       ~ Larra C.,  Director at National Non-Profit Organization   Washington, DC




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