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Introduction to Mindfulness 

6 Week Course

Time & Dates TBA
This class series meets 1.75 hours each week for six weeks
Cost: $225
Location: TBA
9 APA Approved CE Hours for Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals Available

Registration is required - not a drop in program

9 CE hrs available


Learn to bring yourself into present-moment awareness and enjoy a deeper connection with the experience of your own body and mind resulting in more calm, ease and resilience - even in the face of stressful situations. 

Each week you'll be guided in a range of formal meditations and informal practices, along with exercises and tools to integrate mindfulness into daily life. We'll investigate working with challenges such as difficult emotions and pain as well as the joy of presence in small moments as we reflect on our experience with the practice over the course of the program. 


This introductory series is a great way for those who are interested in exploring the practice of mindfulness and are unable or not yet ready to take the full 8- week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. As a participant, you'll have an opportunity to explore and engage with the core mindfulness practices and will experience directly what mindfulness practice is, beyond mere techniques; learning mindfulness of the body, thoughts and emotions, and how to incorporate these practices into daily life. Participants can expect to come away with an understanding of how cultivating a practice can break through difficult habitual patterns as well as interrupt the stress-reaction cycle to bring a sense of personal life control, enhanced sense of balance, well-being and resilience. 

Health professionals participating in this program will be able to: recognize the ways that formal and informal practices can enhance the therapeutic encounter; integrate self-care techniques utilizing mindfulness as a way to prevent and heal professional burnout; differentiate between mindfulness practice and 'therapy'; articulate the potential benefits of mindfulness to educate clients about how it can enhance quality of life and therapeutic outcomes; differentiate mindfulness/MBSR from relaxation and other 'distraction' techniques that may seem similar, but are fundamentally and theoretically different in working with challenges and enhancing quality of life.

Registration TBA

At the end of this 6 week course, participants will: 

  • Integrate experience with knowledge of the formal and informal practices of mindfulness & be able to utilize the skills that cultivate mindful awareness

  • Recognize and be able to utilize the core practices of mindfulness of body, thoughts and emotions

  • Obtain tools to bring mindfulness into day to day life

  • Gain insight into how the practice can impact their lives

  • Identify ways that mindfulness can break old patterns and habits, and the stress-reaction cycle.

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